Apollo 18 – Movie Review

 Apollo 18

Starring: Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen

Directed by: Gonzalo López-Gallego

Rated: PG-13


Decades old footage of a secret Apollo mission shows why the US stopped going to the moon.

Apollo 18 is the latest foray into the “found footage” sub genre (Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch, Grave Encounters etc.) The premise/gimmick of Apollo 18 is pretty good utilizing the look and feel of the old Apollo moon missions to create a pseudo scifi/horror film. Apollo 18 quickly loses steam with the introduction of the “aliens” at times they look like the face suckers from alien the next they look like their native form which is moon rock. The film just isn’t scary and the ending is atrocious note to future “found footage” directors if you are going with the premise of utilizing old footage don’t end the movie with a crash that would destroy the very footage that you are supposed to be watching. The running time is short and primarily because nothing really happens, You have faceless antagonists that are literally rocks with legs and a total of three astronauts there is not a lot to work with. Had the alien infection been utilized better or a different ending been utilized it might take the film to the next level as it sits now it’s “The Thing” meets NASA without any scares. While not awful the premise showed so much promise that I couldn’t help be feel let down by what it could have been.

Grade- 70

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