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The Babymakers Review – Shooting a load of laughs on the face of DVD

The Babymakers
Starring: Olyvia Munn, Paul Schneider, Kevin Heffernan, Jay Chandrasekhar
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rated: R

Audrey(Olyvia Munn) is all fired up to have a kid, all her friends have kids and it’s her turn, the only problem is that her husband Tommy (Paul Schneider) is shooting blanks and can’t knock her up, not due to lack of effort.

When all efforts are exhausted to get Audrey pregnant Tommy must take matters into his own hands and with the help of his best friends Wade (Kevin Heffernan) and Zig-Zag (Nat Faxon)  along with a former member of the Indian mafia Ron Jon ( Jay Chandrasekhar) they plan on stealing an old deposit that Tommy made at a sperm bank.

Given a scant one month theatrical release prior to its DVD and vod release, came off initially as an odd strategy, after review this is the perfect strategy, everything about Babymakers works better on the small screen.   It earns its R rating with gusto if you can discount the fact that everyone gets naked except Olyvia Munn who for whatever reason fails to be a goer, (odd given her role in Magic Mike, apparently it’s art with Soderbergh) it’s a shame when someone who is known more for her physical body rather than her body of work refuses to partake in the festivities. For the most part the laughs are strictly straight to DVD caliber, the exception being every time Ron Jon and Wade take to the screen, just making you wish the Broken Lizard alums could have the rest of their crew together to elevate the material.  Just having team ramrod together for the small amount of time makes the film worth watching, particularly the heist scenes Heffernan slipping in a pile of jizz is fantastic,  While Ron Jon is the stand out character of the entire film. This Rom Com is a Rom Rental.

Grade -76

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