Bachelorette Review – A Drug Fueled Binge Coudnt Make This Funny

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, James Marsden
Director: Leslye Headland
Rated R


Three high school friends reunite as bridesmaids for a friend they used to make fun of.


Long in the works prior to the release of last years surprise hit Bridesmaids, was writer director Leslye Headlands Bachelorette. Originally finding life as an off Broadway play before it was quickly snatched up for distribution at this year’s Sundance.  Needless to say Bachelorette isn’t a film that is trying to jump on the Bridesmaids bandwagon, while both take up residence in genres typically reserved for men, the girls of Bachelorette are less taking a crap in a sink and more OD’ing in a bathtub.


Regan (Kirsten Dunst), heads up the trio who refer to themselves as B-faces(Bitch Faces) as the overachiever of the group with Gena (Lizzy Kaplan) being the one hung up on an old flame and Katie (Isla fisher) who just wants to forget her life in retail. Together the three in the midst of a coke and alcohol fueled binge accidentally ruin the dress of the bride Becky(Rebel Wilson) and fellow B-face who was also ridiculed as pig face in her formative years. The trio set out to continue the party and find a way to fix the dress before the morning.


While the promiscuity and language are more than welcome, the ladies deliver mixed results Dunst is better than anticipated actually playing into type as the bossy, bitchy and entitled Regan. What was surprising was that Katie is one of the most irritating characters to grace the screen, Isla Fishers take on Katie never moves into humorous territory permanently setting up camp as annoyingly dim and cloying, content with being stupid, high and slutty without ever encompassing any form of charm that might make these qualities redeemable and  funny. Gena is hung up on her old boyfriend Clyde (Adam Scott) which for anyone who is fan of the underrated yet exceptionally awesome Party Down will rejoice to see them paired up again. Kaplan is the highlight of the film with wit and smarts that play well off her drug binging and lovelorn ways. Becky is the one thread that connects bachelorette to bridesmaids having starred in both.


Once the shock of ladies with foul mouths, getting high wears off, the reality sets in that bachelorette isn’t that enjoyable and is about as funny as passing out in a bathtub. They should save their time and their lives and check out His House rehab review These chicks need some help.



Grade- 61

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