Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans
Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Xzibit
Director: Werner Herzog
Genre: Crime, Drama
Rated: R


Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans is the Sequel/Remake of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant that only shares a title and a bad cop in common. Set in New Orleans it follows policeman Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) who after hurting his back rescuing a criminal during Hurricane Katrina becomes addicted to drugs and begins a downward spiral that he cannot control.

Set in Louisiana Terence has gone from being a cop awarded for his bravery to a cop who due to back pain starts taking prescribed Vicodin and then with no explanation is dating a prostitute, shaking down alleged suspects for drugs and stealing drugs from the property room. Lesson Learned is that If you have a back problem Vicodin is the gateway drug to crack and heroine. Nicolas Cage is now a Caricature of his former self; he shuffles around hunchbacked with a .45 down his pants, and about an hour and ten minutes into the film decides he needs to start using a ridiculous accent ripped from a 1930’s gangster film. Even more distracting than his over the top performance is that in homage to the giant rodent of New Orleans called “Nutria”, Cage decides to wear something that resembles it as his hair piece. (The guy has made enough money off of awful movies this past decade, can they not get him a wig that isn’t distracting.)

After having zero chemistry in the completely awful “Ghostrider” Eva Mendes is paired up again as Nic’s Girlfriend “Frankie” Eva who’s best work has been in print ads where she doesn’t have to speak, move or act stars as the Girlfriend/Prostitute who gets Terence mixed up with a well connected John who starts squeezing him for cash when Terence interrupts his session with her. Terrence is also a degenerate gambler who is about as good at gambling as he is being a cop. The actual main plot of the story is loose cannon Terry trying to put together a case against Big Fate (Rapper Exhibit) who is responsible for five murders over his drug turf. You know the movie is convoluted when the host of “Pimp my ride” gives one of the better performances of the film.  All loose strings in the film are tied together in a pretty bow and given a Disney type ending that is so unbelievably awful you think Terrance is experiencing a drug fueled hallucination unfortunately he isn’t. All is not lost however as there is one scene that is reminiscent of the original film’s famous masturbation scene this time it involves shaking down a couple after they leave a club and Terrance ends up having sex with the girlfriend against a car while screaming to make the boyfriend watch. While that scene is unintentionally hilarious, that is as good as it gets with this mess of a film.

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