Breakfast with Kreayshawn: Pancakes & a Side of Girl Power


Breakfast with Kreayshawn: Pancakes & a Side of Girl Power

Having breakfast with Kreayshawn is a little like taking your rambunctious niece out while her parents are away. She orders bacon with a side of “pee and poo.” She wants a pancake with a sad face on it. She needs orange juice, milk, chocolate milk, water, and coffee. Her posse includes Lady Tragik, her friend and collaborator, Isabel, her roommate and sometimes assistant (whose Twitter profile simply says, “sweet hawaiian ganga baby”) and a shaggy haired pre-teen named Baby Scumbag, whom Kreayshawn claims is “her son.”

Baby Scumbag is not actually her son, as it turns out, but 12-year-old Steven Fernandez, a semi-professional skateboarder who hangs with Kreayshawn’s crew. He’s shown up late for our breakfast at IHOP in West Hollywood — though, let’s be honest, we had no idea he was coming — and so we’ve had to rearrange the seating. It’s summer, three months before the release of Kreayshawn’s album, Somethin ‘Bout Kreay (out this week), and IHOP has kindly volunteered to host us for the day. On the sidelines is Stretch, Kreayshawn’s towering manager, who keeps the 22-year-old Oakland rapper in check (sort of).

It was Tumblr’s idea to film at IHOP (you know, because Kreayshawn’s video at the time was called “Breakfast”). As we’re trying to get a shot of Kreayshawn walking down Sunset Boulevard, Stretch informs us that the whole thing is a cliché. We’ll give him that. But the biggest challenge we’re having today is not the set, or even the 12-year-old whose phone won’t stop ringing — but getting Kreayshawn to focus.

An hour inside a restaurant booth at IHOP with Kreayshawn (real name: Natassia Zolot) goes something like this:



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