Compliance Review – You shoud watch this at the urging of an authority figure.

Starring: Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy
Director: Craig Zobel



A police officer calls into a fast food restaurant and under his orders has the manager bring a cashier to the back room and help with a theft investigation.



Ann Dowd is spot on as Sandra the Manager of a small town fast food restaurant, Sandra receives a mysterious call from an Officer Daniels(Pat Healy) Who describes Becky the front end cashier and explains how he needs Sandra’s help as they have a theft complaint against Becky(A wide eyed Dreama Walker)  Soon Things start to get out of control as Becky Is stripped searched on Officer Daniels Orders, over  the next few hours Becky is falsely imprisoned and worse.



When first viewing compliance what initially comes to mind is how could this even happen, it’s a plausible scenario but this ruse would quickly unravel based solely on common sense. Why would Becky leave herself in the situation and why would Sandra never grow suspicious. The scenario ends with a sexual assault and at that point the film started to lose me, it seemed preposterous that a fast food cashier would get taken in a back room by her manager and the situation would escalate from a theft claim to a strip search to naked jumping jacks to a sexual assault all due to the instructions of a “police officer” over the phone. It’s psychologically intriguing how far a person can take things under the guise of doing the right thing, there is in fact a famous study on this entitled the milligram experiment on how far people will go against their moral conscience to obey an authority figure. What’s even more interesting is that not only will people go pretty far but this incident is based on a true story,the events of the film originally took place in 2000 at a McDonald’s in Kentucky and was even a feature story on abc’s 20/20


Everything that I thought was taken too far as a story embellishment, turned out too be completely true. Compliance is a fascinating look at a tragic situation and how weak the human mind can be, It’s the type of film that is a conversation piece, You will discuss this.



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