Famed Director Tony Scott Dead of Apparent Suicide.- Update Tony Scott might have had inoperable Brain Cancer

“I never had any intention of making a sequel to Top Gun”*



The LAPD tells received a 911 call at 12:35 PM today about a man who jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles County spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island. The body of the man was recovered from the water at approximately  3 PM by the Los Angeles Port Police. The Coroner’s Office identified the man as Anthony Davis Scott, 68, who resides in Beverly Hills

This is Sad news, Scott made some great films. I know my life would be completely different if it wasnt for him. While most will reference his work in 80’s Classics Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II it will always be True Romance that holds a special place for me. Working off a Quintin Tarantino script, Scott created one of cinemas greatest scenes between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken.  When a man who most would think has it all takes his own life you know its a tragedy. Scott was in works to make an unnecessary sequel to Top Gun so don’t rule out artistic integrity as a reason for this.

Just a few of the Films we can thank Scott for.

Man on Fire
Crimson Tide
True Romance
The Last Boy Scout
Days of Thunder
Beverly Hills Cop II
Top Gun


Enhanced by Zemanta*tony scott has never been confirmed to say that, but we all know he should have.

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