Fightville Review

Starring: Dustin Poirier, Albert Stainback, Gil Guillory and Tim Credeur
Directors: Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker


Far away from the bright neon lights of Las Vegas, the fighting capitol of the world, in Lafayette Louisiana lays a regional MMA promotion known as USA-MMA founded and run by Gill “The Thrill” Guillory, a former pro wrestler, who with the help of his family is turning himself into the Dana White of Southern Louisiana. Gill runs the regional promotion, promotes the fights, books the events the guy does it all. Gil is under no misconception of the product he offers, he understands he runs a “feeder” league. USA-MMA is where up and comers gain the experience to hopefully make it to a mainstream promotion such as Zuffa’s Strikeforce or UFC.

The most prominent MMA gym in Lafayette is Gladiators Academy run out of a strip mall by charismatic UFC Middleweight fighter “Crazy” Tim Credeur. Under Credeurs tutelage are two potential prospects with diverse backgrounds, both looking for something that can only be found in MMA. Albert Stainback a young man from a broken home who remembers his alcoholic father beating his mother, is looking to sign his very first pro contract with USA-MMA. Stainback has potential as long as his personal life doesn’t get in the way. The other star pupil is Dustin Poirier, a young man who before he found Martial Arts was a destructive teenager who got into multiple fights and was even ordered to go to a bootcamp for troubled teens. Through the knowledge and discipline that Gladiators provides, Poirier is on the verge of not only dominating USA-MMA but making it to the UFC (Poirier has won 4 fights in the UFC since this was filmed)

MMA has come a long way since John Mccain dubbed it human cockfighting, it is now #1 combat sport in the world. Fightville showcases how in the backwoods of Louisiana a sport that many used to condemn is now an integral piece of the American Dream, providing meaning, discipline and purpose. Showcasing the sport from a regional perspective, highlighting all aspects of the sport from Promoter to Trainers and Fighters. Fightville delivers a compelling an in depth look at a side of the sport that you don’t get to see on a UFC pay per view.

Fightville brings an intense look into the life of the up and coming fighter, this is what The Ultimate Fighter dreams to be.



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