Five Star Day – Review

Five Star Day

Starring: Cam Gigandet, Jena Malone, Julianna Guill

Director: Danny Buday




A young man sets out to disprove astrology


After Jake Gibson (Cam Gigandet) reads his horoscope on his birthday he expects to have the greatest day of his life, on the contrary his car gets stolen and he catches his girlfriend Vanessa (Julianna Guill) cheating on him. Soon Jake decides that for his college ethics final project, he will disprove Astrology. Jake embarks to meet up with the other people that were born the same day, in the same hospital (as we quickly learn that your birthday is your strongest zodiac day). Jake meets a handful of people all having the worst day of their life on their birthday, including a single mother of a drug addict who he has an instant connection with.


Five Star Day has an interesting premise though the gimmick of disproving astrology wears thin quickly. The whole film builds up with each person recording an interview of the events of their birthday. With zero payoff in terms of the final presentation that Jake ultimately delivers.


The entire premise is a thinly veiled attempt to hide what is an unrealistic love story, between Jake and Sarah (Jena Malone) there is no plausible reason given as to why Jake is head over heels for the single mother bartender who lives in another state, has a drug addicted thieving ex and a young daughter. Aside from sharing a birthday the romance feels forced.


The downfall in Jakes hypothesis is that the one horoscope he read said he was to have a great day and it didn’t happen, so astrology must be wrong. If some people had a great day, and some had bad days then his theory would make sense but everyone has a bad day proving Jake wrong. He ultimately proves that Astrology isn’t BS as he claims and proves that the astrologer just got the horoscope 100% wrong as they all had the same type of day. Rather than waste his time on his boldly miscalculated hypothesis, Jake should have double checked a couple of different horoscopes rather than basing everything on just one or better yet, Jake should have been going to a doctor trying to find out why he cant stand upright on his legs, The guy leans up against every single wall he comes in contact with. It’s as if he cant speak unless he has a good lean going.


I am not sure what grade Jake was given on his final but this movie is better than his presentation and I give it a  Grade of – 68  

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