Get Him To The Greek

Get Him To The Greek

Starring: Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Colm Meaney, and Sean Combs

Genre: Comedy

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Rated: R

A record company intern is tasked with getting rock star Aldous Snow from London to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in 3 days.

Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is an aspiring intern who when asked for a game changing idea by his boss Sergio (Sean Combs) he comes up with having his favorite band Infant Sorrow perform a 10 year anniversary show at the Greek Theater, the site of one of there best selling albums. Unfortunately for Aaron, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) is no longer on the wagon, which cast doubts if his behavior will allow Aaron to get him to the Greek.

Get him to the Greek, is a spinoff of 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Outside of Brands Snow character there is really no connection with Sarah Marshall in Fact Jonah Hills who was in Sarah Marshall as Mathew is a completely non-related character to Aaron Green in Greek.

Get him to the Greek is Hilarious, the film is finely paced with just enough down time to set up the next laugh. Given the cast one would suspect that Hill or Brand would carry the comedic laughs however to my complete and utter surprise the majority of the laughs are supplied by Sean Combs as Sergio, His character which Is an over the top version of himself completely steals the movie there isn’t a scene he’s in that I didn’t laugh out loud. I have never been a fan of diddy but he completely won me over.

Brand balances his out of control Snow character with some actual emotion as he deals with the balance of his failing music career with personal relationships and his drug addicted lifestyle. Jonah Hill has his best role since Superbad playing the uptight green who lets loose with Snow.

This is a film I know I will see again. Between Sergio providing the finer points on “Mind F’ing” and learning about a Jeffrey There are more than enough scenes to require a repeat viewing.

One major point of interest I noticed was that while most films give away the funniest moments in the trailer, the Trailer for get him to the Greek includes a handful of scenes that didn’t even make it into the final cut of the film.

This is easily the funniest movie of the year so far and will be hard to top.


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