Starring: Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz and Nicholas Cage
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama

Director: Mathew Vaughn

Rated: R

Dave Liewski is a nobody in highschool, who is really into comics. He wonders why nobody has become a superhero and decides to give it a try.

One day while patrolling the streets pretending to be a super hero which he has named Kick-Ass, Dave gets caught up in a street fight, while battling off the attacker’s he is video taped by bystander’s who upload the video to the internet. The video goes viral and Kick-Ass becomes a pseudo celebrity.

Things quickly spiral out of control for Kick Ass, when he is blamed by local gangster Fank D’amico (Mark Strong) for the work of a Father/Daughter team known as Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) who have been systematically knocking off Frank’s goons.

Kick-Ass is a really fun film to watch that doesn’t take itself to seriously Nicholas Cage delivers his best performance in ages as Damon Macready/Big Daddy who teaches his protégé daughter Mindy/Hit Girl how to be a lethal killing machine.

The dialog in the film is spot on with Dave and his friends Todd (Evan Peters) and Marty (Clark Duke who is on a roll after Hot Tub Time Machine) speaking how teenagers speak, while Hit Girl speaks like a superhero three times her age (There is something extremely hilarious and never gets old about a young girl having the foul mouth of a sailor). Hit Girl truly holds the entire film together.

The Violence is graphic and non-stop and is exactly what this Comic Book world needed where the superheroes have no super powers.
Kick-Ass is a brave film to come out in our current uptight PC culture, Kick-Ass thankfully didn’t try to water itself down to get a PG-13 rating.
It’s Violent, Funny and really enjoyable.




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