Lawless – a 190 proof backwoods Gangster story

Starring: Tom Hardy, Shia LeBeouf, Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain
Director: John Hillcoat
Rated R


Three brothers in depression era Virginia stand up to the authorities who want in on there profits from bootlegging moonshine.

The deciding factor in wether you like Lawless lies in how you feel about Shia LeBouff. If you enjoyed his pseudo action shenanigans in Transformers or his obnoxious stint in the bastard film of the Indiana Jones franchise then you are probably going to be disappointed if you always thought that the beef is more bark than bite then you will finally be rewarded. As the youngest and most ambitious of the Bondurant brothers Jack is all heart but lacks in the common sense and physicality his occupation requires. On the flip side you have Forrest (Tom Hardy) the quiet yet imposing middle brother who might lack Jacks ambition, but has the common sense that Jack is lacking.

Forrest is the invincible brother who refuses to die, the brother whose reputation at cheating death has caused everyone to think twice about crossing the Bondurants.

Things are going well for the brothers until special Agent Charlie Rakes rolls into town hell bent on using his big city skills to extort a cut of shine money out of the Virginia locals.



Based on true events Matt Bondurant pieced together for his novel The Wettest County in America and based off a screenplay by Musician, Author, Actor Nick Cave Lawless skillfully weaves together multiple genres to form a gritty early era backwoods gangster film with family hart and a pinch of romance. Tom Hardy is brilliant as usual just as easily prone to use a set of brass nucks to the throat as he is making a grunting nose when at a total loss for words. LeBoufe ditches the majority of his traditional repertoire as well as his standard of playing a character older than his age, Chastaine is a goer excuding a level of class to this low brow community. Pearce is as good as he has ever been as the dandy special agent who lacks the morals and ethics of the so called criminals he is after. He is a deplorable human. The only drawback to the film is the musical montages are a bit of a crutch being overused repeatedly. A great cast and a somewhat true story collide to create a 190 proof backwoods gangster story


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