We’re The Millers


We’re the Millers
Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Rated: R

A low level pot dealer is robbed of his money and his weed, forcing him to create a fake family as cover to travel to Mexico and smuggle back a smidge and a half of Marijuana.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber the guy that brought us both DodgeBall and Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

Sudeikis stars as David the small time pot dealer who has no family and no cares, living in an arrested state of development since his college years. Sudeikis’ everyman quality is well suited as the fake father who is forced to care about someone that isn’t him. A simple haircut is all that is needed to turn him from dirt bag to suburban dad.  Reunited with Jennifer Aniston as Rose the long in the tooth stripper (the type of stripper who never actually strips, Bra and Panties really, I am not convinced, I can see more skin with a trip  to the beach) who just doesn’t want to do what it takes anymore to compete with the youngsters.  Together they rekindle a bit of that Horrible Bosses chemistry. It appears that the only time Aniston doesn’t play Rachel Green is when J Suds is around. She is far more compelling and believable as a foul mouthed stripper pretending to be a mother, than she been in every other project she has been a part of. Rounding out the family is Emma Roberts as Casey the smart mouthed “homeless” girl turned daughter and Will Poulter as Kenny the young naive boy who has zero experience with females.

The millers travel from Mexico to Colorado facing run-ins with drug dealers, corrupt cops, carnies and another RV’ing family the straight laced Fitzgeralds.

The dialogue is sharp, with Suds and crew delivering consistent laughs. The marketing of Aniston as this sexy stripper was unnecessary; she walks around in capri’s for the majority of the film with almost the entire dance scene being shown in the trailer, translation nudity free. There is a cringe inducing scene in the trailer where Kenny refers to his “Bingo”; this is a sound edit to not say Balls on TV. Don’t think the dialogue is that sanitized in the film.

Ironically for a movie that utilizes drugs as part of its premise there isn’t one scene that involves using drugs. The only thing that gets this film its R rating is language.

Millers is a flimsy setup to say the least, from the onset you know that the bickering Millers will become a family in spite of themselves.  It is completely predictable and won’t be confused for highbrow humor any time soon. The question is how fun is this Pot filled RV ride going to be. While it’s not OG Kush its certainly not some weak ass Schwag weed, it succeeds where it matters, it is funny.

Grade – 80



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