Silent House Review

Silent House

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens

Director: Chris Kentis and Laura Lau

Rated: R


A young woman gets trapped inside her familys lake side home, unable to escape her situation become increasingly ominous.

Silent House is a high concept Thriller/Horror film starring the Elizabeth Olsen (little sister to the Olsen twins) as Sarah, A young woman who with her father and uncle are trying to clean up their dilapidated lake side vacation home, getting it ready for sale. Due to vandalism the home has no power and the windows are boarded up essentially locking Sarah in her own prison. Soon sounds from various rooms are heard and her father is injured it’s up to Sarah to find a way to escape.

A re-imagining of the Uraguayan film LA CASA MUDA Silent house is a clever take on the genre, the film is shot as one continuous shot, so wherever Sarah goes the camera follows, if she walks behind a wall the camera follows along the wall till Sarah is back in the shot. This lends to an interesting take on delivering the scares one expects.

Silent House rests on the performance of Olsen who really shines as the heroine in peril her performance is a long way from her sisters Michelle Tanner “You got it dude” catch phrase. For 88 minutes Olsen is almost entirely in a panic, and it’s totally believable, from hiding under a table trying not to make any noise, to seeing her dad injured Olsen delivers a performance that is much more nuanced than that of a simple scream queen. The film even has a twist at the end that while not totally original is enjoyable. I applaud the efforts to offer up a fresh take on a stale genre and finding new ways to deliver the scares, while Silent House is not without its flaws (Some of the cinematography is amateurish and jarring, a steady cam or use of focus would be nice, Any who has seen the film Haute Tension will not be overly surprised, ultimately neither hold the film back) It delivers on its 88 minutes of tension and that’s all I can ask for.



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