Superthief: Inside America’s Biggest Bank Score
Director: Tommy Reid

Director Tommy Reid takes a look at the exploits of Phil Christopher, a bank thief who in 1972 pulled off the biggest bank heist in History.

First thing of note is that there is a huge difference between a bank robbery and what Christopher and crew pulled off. They didn’t put on masks walk in and demand cash, They cased a bank, broke in at night and raided the vault leaving before the bank opened the next day.

Reid sets the tone from the onset employing talented voice actor John Dimaggio (Futurama) as the narrator. Dimaggio delivers his lines in a voice that oozes drama invoking the dialog style of the classic scared straight film “signal 30” with less monotone. The Heist happened in the early 70’s and the style definitely reflects it. Intermixed are interviews from both sides of the law. Most notably from Christopher himself, Christopher comes off as a bit on the shifty side, never looking into the camera, speaking very measured and deliberately. It’s clear that Christopher is proud of his criminal accomplishments but does not want to gloat choosing to leave that part of him in the past.

Starting from the crew getting together in Ohio Reid takes us on an in depth look at how Christopher and crew almost got away with it to the time he spent in Jail for his part in a murder. The way they were able to pull this off is almost as mind boggling as they way they got caught.

Superthief is akin to a Friday episode of Dateline done with grind house style.

 Grade- 83


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