Total Recall (2012) – can someone implant a memory where I didnt see this.

Total Recall

Starring: Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston

Director: Len Wiseman



Have you seen the movie with the guy who’s past is fuzzy, he is suffering from some form of amnesia, when attacked he instinctually knows how to fight like a bad ass, with the help of a girl he tries to thwart the government that put him in this position in the first place. From that brief summation you might say, ” yeah that’s the Bourne franchise, a new one is coming out with Jeremy Renner” while that would be true in this instance I am talking about the Colin Ferrell reboot of Total Recall a film which has more to do with the Damon/Renner franchise than with the Philip K Dick source material or the 1990 Schwarzenegger classic.


Gone is the colonization of mars and in its place Australia, the central story of Quaid going to rekall for a mars vacation, is now Quaid going to rekall to fill a hole in his life. Rather than going home and things getting weird, they are messed up from the get go. The biggest change though has nothing to do with subtle plot changes but the entire fact that the first version was ambiguous as to whether we were watching Quaids rekall trip or if he was a spy, there really isn’t any doubt in this one.


Director Wisemans usage of his real life wife Kate Beckinsale was an extremely poor choice, this isn’t  a vampire film where I can pretend that she is a more than a frail girl that is great to look at, here I am supposed to believe that in between having perfect makeup with hair seductively blow In the wind that she has the wherewithal and skills to not only win a fist fight but to say lines that are so corny even Arnold would blush.


There are a few instances that pay homage to the 1990 original, most amusing being the scene reminiscent of Quaid sneaking into mars, replete with a character that looks like Quaids disguise from the original.


Typically in a reboot you try to outdo the original yet for some reason they opted to do the opposite, while not boring there is nothing new nor even as good as the original. I want to see a tracking device pulled out of a nostril not see a phone implant pulled out of a hand. The central story involves an Elevator that travels through the center of the earth. Even though all the workers are from Australia they need Quad to shut it down so the military (A bunch of synthetic soldiers that look like a lost storm trooper sketch from star wars) from Britain doesn’t overthrow them. It’s a giant Elevator that runs on tracks. It wouldn’t be too hard to shut it down. Apparently only Quaid is capable of this.

The original film had some firsts while this can’t even copy its source material well. While not being a total let down, your time is better spent seeing the original.


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