3 Most shocking TV deaths of the year!

I am not talking R. Bud Dwyer type of death here, I am talking characters. Each and every year television likes to rip our heart out! Here’s who we sobbed over in 2013…


brian2 brian1

Brian Griffin – Family Guy

Was it for real? Will he come back? Is Seth MacFarlane screwing with us? Doesn’t matter – he still killed one of the show’s most beloved characters (if even if the K9 is only in a provisionally deceased stage)!

I don’t know if having Brian being hit by a car, and then watching his adoring family drop tears over his body in the morgue is supposed to be funny but… no, wait, there’s nothing funny about it! It’s Family Guy it’s never been funny.


Yousef Turan – Homeland

Nice guys finish last they say… and maybe they’re right.

Jared Ward got us to ‘love’ Brody’s new friend Yousef within just the space of 2 episodes¬† (a sign of a good performance, right there!) before the writers cruelly took him away from us.

We can still hear the bullet firing at poor Yousef.


Walter White – Breaking Bad

So, wait, Dexter lives and Walter White dies!?  Who writes this stuff!?

After shooting himself in the gut during the finale, Walter succumbs to his death on the floor of Jack’s meth lab.

Kudos to Bryan Cranston for making most of us cry.  Death was a far more poignant ending for Heisenberg than ending up in Oregon and becoming a lumberjack. Screw you Dexter!


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