Being a child of the 80’s I group up reading a sweet little series of books called “choose your own adventure”. The greatness was there were multiple decisions to constantly be made that dictated whether you lived or died. I am not going to lie I would always glance at a the decision and if it sucked choose the other one. Yes I cheated at my own adventures. Back then you didn’t have cable, you didn’t have social media, and no smart phones. What you lacked in convenience you made up for with real relationships and literacy.

Thankfully James Schannep had the good sense to do something about it. He took a great idea added Zombies and delivers to you “Infected”

Check out the Kick Ass trailer for the book then click on the link and buy it. What better way to survive an impending Zombie Apocalypse than run your fevered mind through 3 storylines and over 50 possible endings.


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