An Interview With The Producer Of “Another Kind” – Jay Schweid





Another Kind, described as a cross between The X-Files and The Blair Witch Project

On the eve of the film’s VOD release, we spoke to producer Jay Schweid about how the project came together.


You wore your producers hat on Another Kind. Tell us about some of the tasks you were charged with on this particular production?

Aside from the normal organizational things that come with producing, I’m a “creative producer” – or so they tell me – and am involved in all aspects of all of our films.  For Another Kind, dealing with the weather conditions and making sure everyone was safe and as warm as could be, while still making sure we came home with the footage we needed was my main objective.

What attracted you to this particular project?

We were in the process of packaging a Slate of 6 films with a total budget of 25M and were sitting around brainstorming one day right before Christmas and Jonny said “let’s come up with an idea, write a script and just make a film ourselves”.  Sounded kinda crazy at the time, but I said, if you can come up with an idea that we can do on our own, I’m in.

Independent films take a while to come together, but they also take a while to reach their audience. How long has it been since you shot the film?

We shot Another Kind in February 2011.  We were quite lucky to get the support of the people that run the Woodstock Film Festival. They helped us find the locations we needed and a great place to stay.  They continued to be supportive and luckily liked the final product and we were able to premiere Another Kind at their festival that September.  Having the film available roughly two years after shooting in the grand scheme of things is not bad and we’re excited to get it out there.

Great cast. Where did you discover them?

Being based in NYC and part of the Indie community, we feel very lucky to meet so many great, talented and hard working actors.  You meet one, they introduce you to another and the next thing you know, you have a great cast that are hungry and willing to do whatever it takes to make great films.

This is a movie that proves you can still make a scary movie without resorting to expensive special effects. Are you more of a fan of those sort-of ‘door creaking’ horor/thrillers, than the bigger budget, effects-driven scary movies?

Honestly, I’m a fan of great stories that are well made and that don’t insult the audience.  That’s always our goal – respect your audience and they’ll respect you.  Having a huge budget to go crazy would be fun, no doubt, but when you can make a great film and give your audience the emotion you were going for at a fraction of the cost certainly gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

The premise lends itself nicely to a sequel. Is that on the cards?

If our fans want it, we’d be thrilled to give it to them.



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