What to do Post Breaking Bad? – PLAY THIS BREAKING BAD GAME!

Last week AMC’s crystal-meth making drama Breaking Bad (finally) won an Emmy. A week before the show’s finale was due to air, the BB collected the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series. Having been previously shunned by award shows, Breaking Bad had now been hailed as one of the greatest American dramas, up there with The Wire and The Sopranos.

It’s no secret that the popularity of Breaking Bad has been a slow-burner that became completely explosive in its last two seasons. It’s been suggested that the key to the success of the show both in the US and internationally has been largely due to online video streaming. Thanks to Netflix, the show was easy to access and even those accessing the show by illegal means had a huge role to play in show’s eventual popularity and critical acclaim.

For five long years, hard-core fans have been addicted to watching the antics of a once mild-mannered chemistry teacher, unfold as he migrated into the criminal underworld, making and selling crystal meth and transforming into possessed megalomaniac. Now the show has come to a close. It’s the end of a meth-pedalling era. Fans are about to embark on the slow withdrawal process following the conclusion of the show.

One way to come to terms with the fact that the show is over, is to while away the hours playing the Breaking Bad video game on Developed by fans, for fans, the game is made up of 24 levels covering everything from season one to season five and includes all your favourite characters and includes loads of scenes from the show.

There’s good news for those wanting another series to get their teeth into, because the Breaking Bad spin off series ‘Better Call Saul’ has been confirmed. The show follows the story everyone’s favourite “criminal” criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman. The show will start with an hour long prequel episode which centres around how Goodman evolved into the shark lawyer he is in Breaking Bad.

The series is still in its very early stages and circulating rumours suggest that it could be a long wait before it hits the UK. With that in mind, there’s always the option to go right back to the very first episode and watch the whole meth-cooking mess unfold from start to finish.


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