Red Lights Review – Slamming the brakes on enjoyment


Red Lights
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy, Elizabeth Olson and Robert De Niro
Director: Rodrigo Cortes


Physchologist Dr Margaret Matheson(Sigourney Weaver) and her Partner Tom Buckley(Cillian Murphy) are famed investigators of paranormal activities, when renowned psychic Simon Silver(Robert De Niro) resurfaces after a 30 year absence the two try to figure out why.


The Red Lights from the title refers to the subtle telltale signs that prove psychic phenomena is not what it appears to be.


Red Lights is not so much a horror film as a mixture of thriller and drama it’s neither scary nor overly shocking while the first half is extremely strong with Weaver and Murphy debunking some classical Paranormal shenanigans, the latter half loses focus while trying too hard to push for a twist of an ending that fails to deliver. The entire Silver character is a bit of a disappointment particularly when compared to De Niro’s far superior work in Cape Fear and Angel Heart. I was fully engrossed in the procedural aspect of debunking the paranormal but was never convinced that Silver truly posed any Threat.


The film is filled with multiple plot holes and minor irritations. The majority I can’t disclose as it would give away too many of the twists. At some point and with little build up the completely unnecessary character of Sally Owen (Elizabeth Olson) is introduced a truly pointless character that could have been omitted from the film without anything being changed or any plot points needing to be adjusted. There is a scene with an altercation in a bathroom straight out of Casino Royale that feels forced and in hindsight is completely unnecessary. Even the big reveal on Silver is rendered useless as the info is never shared; it’s strictly there to connect the dots for the audience. Ultimately these plot holes and a weak final act reduces the quality of the entire picture.

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